The College motto of Perseverance, Integrity and Excellence, is fostered in all students, so that they learn to persist despite difficulties, to be honest and upright in all circumstances, and to desire excellence in whatever is attempted, being proud of their efforts.

Rivermount College is a non-denominational Christian Primary and Secondary school with the Bible being the integrating factor in all areas of learning and activities, recognising that God is the giver of all truth. The skills and the attitudes of the students are developed and used for the glory of God and for service to others. This involves the development of a Christian world view that equips students to live an authentic Christian life in the context of Australian society. The College, therefore, aims to educate the whole person, that is to integrate the spiritual, mental, physical and social aspects of training from a Biblical perspective. The College aims to be an extension of the Christian home to assist parents to give their children a well-balanced education and upbringing.